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Perfecting your first steps

The John Wilson Arrow blade was designed in 2015 to meet the exact needs of the entry level skater. With a flatter profile than most beginner blades, the rocker is perfectly suited for boot/blade combination sets. More stability on the ice equates to a better learning experience and lightweight means less fatigue. This blade is affordable and, true to the John Wilson brand, delivers maximum performance. Made of 1075 carbon steel, you will be hard-pressed to find better value.

Rocker 8ft

Size Range 8"-12"

Blade Types Available

Narrowed at the tail to reduce friction on the ice.

Toe Rakes Available

Our original toe rake and still as popular as ever.

Blade Comparison Chart

Blade Usage Blade Style Rocker Toe Rake Size Range
Gold Seal Revolution rev Freestyle Taper 8ft Cross 8-11"
Pattern 99 Revolution rev Freestyle Parallel 8ft Straight 8-11"
Gold Seal rev Freestyle Taper 8ft Cross 8-12"
Pattern 99 rev Freestyle Parallel 8ft Straight 8-12"
Coronation Dance rev Dance Parallel 7ft Cross 8-12"
Coronation Ace Revolution rev Freestyle All Purpose Taper 7ft Cross 8-11"
Arrow rev All Purpose Parallel 8ft Straight 8-12"
Coronation Ace rev Freestyle All Purpose Parallel 7ft Cross 7-12"


Our blades are designed to endure the stresses of world-class competition. So all come with a lifetime warranty.

Your name or initials can be etched on your blades at the point of manufacture for a truly unique finish.