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Coronation Comet

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Prepare for take off

The Coronation Comet is our most unique rocker profile. The less aggressive 8.5 ft profile allows for more stability on the ice as freestyle skaters look to hit their picks quicker. Thus, it has been widely reported that this blade is ideal for learning and perfecting toe jumps like the Double Lutz. Many top Canadian developmental coaches recommend this to their students after they leave introductory sets.

Rocker 8.5ft

Size Range 7"-12"

Blade Types Available

Narrowed at the tail to reduce friction on the ice.

Technology that centres your weight to increase stability and precision.

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Toe Rakes Available

Our original toe rake and still as popular as ever.

Blade Comparison Chart

Blade Usage Blade Style Rocker Toe Rake Size Range
Gold Seal rev Freestyle Parabolic 8ft Cross 8-11"
Pattern 99 rev Freestyle Parabolic 8ft Straight 8-11"
Gold Seal Freestyle Taper 8ft Cross 8-12"
Pattern 99 Freestyle Parabolic 8ft Straight 8-12"
Coronation Comet Freestyle All Purpose Parallel 8.5ft Straight 7-12"
Coronation Dance Dance Parallel 7ft Cross 8-12"
Four Aces Freestyle Parallel 7ft Straight 8-11"
Coronation Ace rev Freestyle All Purpose Taper 7ft Cross 8-11"
Majestic Freestyle All Purpose Parallel 7ft Straight 7-12"
Arrow All Purpose Parallel 8ft Straight 8-12"
Coronation Ace Freestyle All Purpose Parallel 7ft Cross 7-12"


Our blades are designed to endure the stresses of world-class competition. So all come with a lifetime warranty.

Your name or initials can be etched on your blades at the point of manufacture for a truly unique finish.